What clients have said

“Martin has been an excellent coach.  He really pushed me hard to find my own solutions.  It felt very challenging, uncomfortable at times, but in a very good way.”

 “The coaching helped me to take a step back and see that my organisation is a complex (and at times, chaotic) environment, and that management in this context needs an appropriate response. It helped me to value my own judgment and to feel more confident in applying this to tricky situations.”

 “Martin was very patient and encouraging.  There was never a moment when he told me outright what I needed to do, which made me have to search for the answers myself.”

 “I always felt he was listening and would pick up on things I said that, at the time, I didn’t think were important but that, later down the line, I realised were very significant.”

 “Martin makes regular use of silence. Rather than encouraging me to talk, the silence makes me think.”

“The aspect of the coaching conversations I valued most was Martin’s investment and understanding. I was initially unsure whether my particular situation could be appreciated by someone external. However, Martin demonstrated that he was able to make sense of a variety of situations, including my own.”

“Martin was very easy to talk to. I rarely if ever had to repeat or rephrase anything to be understood clearly – and he had no agenda of his own.“

 “We covered an awful lot of ground.  Each problem that I brought to the table unearthed something.  In many cases these were interesting self constraints.  Overall the questioning of these self constraints has given me greater confidence and ability to feel more an author of my own work life.”

 “My aspirations and expectations were not only met, they were exceeded. Talking through challenges with Martin helped me find my own solutions and approaches to resolving things, and trust that I do have the skills and instincts to lead.”

 “Martin helped me articulate the scope of the challenges I faced.  Working together, Martin and I were able to identify the knotty issues and look at creative ways of unravelling them.  Martin was perspicacious about where I was going wrong as a manager, and helped me think through what I should do differently.”

 “What most impressed me was Martin’s ability to both give my thoughts and ideas an attentive hearing while also challenging my thinking and conclusions when he felt the need. Coaches either tend to be too keen to lead the conversation or too passive in allowing you to frame everything from your own perspective. Martin strikes the right balance between the two.”

 “In an ideal world, someone like Martin would be on the payroll of every company and accessible on a regular basis. Increased clarity, productivity and satisfaction would undoubtedly follow.”

 “An open and frank relationship with the potential for me to be challenged.  I was always encouraged to talk and set the agenda.  I felt I was listened to and felt supported and as if someone was ‘on my side’ through a difficult time.”

 “The coaching process far exceeded my highest expectations.  I liked your calmness and light touch with humour which helped me relax and trust you.”

 “This has been the most useful piece of training or development that I have ever done.”

 “Would be good to have a Martin app!”

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