Director, Vogel Wakefield

After a varied, 34-year career, one nagging question led Mark to refocus on leadership development: why is it that that so many great ideas fail to work in practice? Too often, in his experience, the answer lies in the human and emotional dynamics of organisations which, when harnessed, have great transforming power but which, when ignored, frustrate even the best laid plans. Vogel Wakefield was born of a belief that skills developed in journalism, strategy and coaching could, together, make all the difference to clients seeking to overcome obstacles to change.

Mark’s coaching clients are board members and senior executives in a wide range of sectors. He specialises in enhancing personal effectiveness through: clarifying personal values and career goals; coping with stress; and improving interpersonal relationships. Mark’s friendly but challenging approach supports his clients to grow in self-awareness and to develop a renewed ability to deal with the challenges of life at the top in a way that’s right for them. In his work with both individuals and organisations he finds questions relating to personal and corporate values to be central to defining effective strategies.


Mark developed his analytical and investigative skills during a career in BBC journalism, so he knows how to tease out the story beneath the organisational veneer. He was the award-winning editor of Public Eye and had key roles on programmes such as Panorama, Newsnight and The Money Programme.

Soon after he moved into management consultancy, he became Head of Media at Arthur D. Little’s London office. From there he moved back to the BBC where he was a key strategy advisor to the Chairman and Board of Trustees during some of the most difficult times in the Corporation’s recent history, including the Gilligan/Hutton crisis. As the BBC’s Head of Performance he pioneered the application of public value methodology.

Professional development and accreditation

Mark is a licensed practitioner of both the MBTI and FIRO-B instruments and holds an ILM Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring. Mark is also an Anglican priest and sees all his work as an affirmation of the unique value of the individual and his belief that we are at our best when we are true to ourselves.






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