Ecosystems supervision group online: communities of practice

By Martin Vogel

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, Hetty Einzig and I are opening a new round of ecosystems supervision focussed on supporting practitioners through this time of personal and systemic turbulence. Here’s our invitation.

If you are a coach or practitioner whose work involves supporting people, we invite you to join this online programme of group supervision sessions.

Our innovative approach fosters awareness of the ecosystems in which we are located and the influence we can bring to bear on them as individuals. It encourages an integration of our identities as practitioners and citizens.The current crisis triggers a range of often conflicting emotions. It demands sacrifices of us as members of society. It also calls on us to first take care of ourselves before defining what our contribution can be. Old certainties have fallen away, new openings will emerge. There is an imperative to find reflective space to support wise interventions, restraining the impulse to forge answers prematurely.

We know that the intelligence of the group is always greater than the intelligence of the smartest individual. So now is a time to come together as a community of practice, to support ourselves and our work in other communities beyond the group.

We are offering monthly sessions of three hours with a good break in the middle. But we can respond flexibly to the group’s needs as the situation unfolds. The sessions address a mixture of thematic group content and supervision of individual practice issues.

Our approach is values-based, collaborative and experimental – exploring coaching practice within the context of wider societal and environmental considerations. At this time when all of humanity is simultaneously facing trauma at these levels, it could not be more timely. We draw also on our backgrounds in Transpersonal Coaching, bodywork, creative work, mindfulness, and psychodynamic theory and practice.

Hetty Einzig brings experience from a career encompassing psychotherapy, writing and journalism. Her coaching and supervision is informed by ecological and systemic perspectives, art and literature. Martin Vogel draws on a career as a former journalist and strategist turned coach and supervisor – integrating critical perspectives of society and politics alongside an interest in narrative and arts-based approaches. We are both trained in Analytic-Network Coaching, which looks at the orientation of leaders in the networked society.

This group is for experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their connection and contribution through their work at this turbulent time.


The size of the group will be no larger than six participants.

We will meet monthly for 3 hours from 2.00 – 5.00 pm on six dates to be agreed.

Participants must be able to commit to all six dates and, once committed, will hold responsibility for rescheduling any group meeting which they cannot attend.

If you are continuing to work during the crisis, the cost of the six-month programme is £800 + VAT. If your financial circumstances are constrained, please get in touch to discuss options.

Please contact us with expressions of interest or any queries:

Image courtesy Louis Reed on Unsplash.

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