What we do

What we do

Working with complexity


We enable businesses and individual leaders to manage elegantly the messiness of organisational life.

Our projects typically involve:

  • removing structural and cultural obstacles to creativity
  • easing friction and creating smoother processes
  • building a shared sense of purpose and value
  • developing the potential of individuals by drawing on their personal sense of purpose

Our approach is founded on identifying the reality of your situation in all its complexity. This is the surest basis for a strategy that connects with where people are and inspires behaviour that will realise your corporate purpose. We don’t collude with fantastical stretch goals nor idealistic notions that there is a neat solution to every problem. We recognise that organisational life is beset by contradictions and believe that leadership involves working creatively with them.

When demands pull in different directions and fast-changing conditions make life unpredictable, we hold things steady. We clarify what is attainable: not to be the best at all costs, but to be the best you can be in the circumstances. While we give rationality its place, we foster under-used skills of intuition, improvisation and emotional intelligence.

So we eschew off-the-shelf models. With us, the right direction for your business emerges through dialogue between leadership vision and the inherent wisdom of your teams.

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